Driver Obligation

Offence Demerit Points
  • Light to be providing between sunset and sunrise
  • Failing to keep left
  • Failing to give way to ambulance, fire brigade or police vehicle
  • Vehicle parked inconvenient, obstruction, danger and at any road indicated by lawful traffic sign
  • Turning or stopping without signals
  • Motor vehicle left unattended
  • No person driving or in charge of a vehicle shall cause or to sit in such manner or position as to hamper him in the control of the vehicle
  • Failure to render assistance to injured person
  • Failure to stop when accident occurs
  • Load falling from vehicles
  • Failing to give way to oncoming traffic at controlled junction
  • Failing to give way at junction
  • Crossing double line
  • Crossing lines and other markings on carriageways
  • Driving on the shoulder of an expressway
  • Crossing road divider
  • Driving vehicle without owner consent
  • Pneumatic tyre cord carcass fabric exposed
  • Prohibition against red lights being shown to the front
  • Prohibition against white lights being shown to the rear
  • Obligatory front lamps to be white
  • Invalid motor vehicle license
  • Invalid driving license
  • Child seat belt offences
  • Prohibition of use of unlicensed public service vehicle
  • No vehicle to stop on any pedestrian crossing. Maximum number of passengers
  • Driver and passenger to wear seat belt
  • Rider failing to wear or wear insecurely on his head a protective helmet
  • Fail to stop at children school crossing